The complete guide to buy a best bluetooth speakers

As we know that the bluetooth speaker for music lovers is another essential portable device except of cell phones and the speaker could produce louder sound than loudspeaker built in Smartphone, it also could stream any format of music via bluetooth wirelessly. With the popularity and application of wireless bluetooth technology, many of audio devices manufacturers is beginning to apply the wireless technology to speakers, so you see countless models and colors in every supermarket and store, especial on internet shop, it’s easy to find, however it makes you dazzling when you try to find out best one for your money.

Here we just list out some simple points for your reference when you are planning to buy a right bluetooth speaker:


We think it’s worthy to buy if the speaker has attractive exterior design, how attractive is it? It will depend on your own esthetic standard, but basic information you should know for attractive looking: 1. is it made of plastic? Or metal (aluminum alloy and stainless steel), is there any advanced surface finished? And also different design concept. These several tips allow you to pick out not bad appearance design.

Size standard

There are two sizes bluetooth speakers on the market, which audio manufacturers invested a lot of cost and time to design, here are:

Mini size: this bluetooth speaker often built in single small watt driver, it‘s far from to meet user’s requirement no matter in treble, bass and middle, because there is limited structure space for mini size is difficult to increase any audio hardware system, for example, enhanced bass control and stereo drivers, like the sound quality that most of mini size produce is also not to reach user’s requirements.

Portable size: this bluetooth speaker often built in dual drivers + passive bass diaphragm, there are much more structure space to accommodate more audio system hardware which make speaker itself more outstanding and balance in sound quality. it’ perfect fit for audiophile music lovers and also easy and convenient to carry anywhere.

Sound quality performance

As an important purchase factor, the sound quality is absolute needed to be considered. However poor or outstanding sound quality depends on its cost of audio hardware and software system configuration, for example, how many watts for a driver? They are dual or single driver? Is there built in passive radiator or enhanced bass technology? Are they Hi-Fi drivers or normal drivers? These basic audio hardware can help you to identify that the speaker has good configuration or not. Because no matter how good sound it is, you cannot listen its real sound quality until you got one, it’s best way to comprehensive know its configured hardware based on these information, so you could decide to invest in your worthy money on it after all things are clear.

Wireless technology

As leading and advanced wireless bluetooth technology that it really bring a lot of benefits to our modern life, come with bluetooth technology developing and improving the past 10 years, there are series of different bluetooth chip manufacturer appears in the word, here we list out mainstream bluetooth chip company that their products are already applied to various size and functional on bluetooth speakers.

CSR brand


CSR bluetooth chip is provided by UK wireless technology manufacturer: as far as we are concern, this brand is best one compare with its competitor, we have used various brand bluetooth chip to build bluetooth wireless module and found that this chip could produce high quality sound no matter in playback or microphone, it also has widely compatibility for all bluetooth enabled devices.


The cost of bluetooth chip is too high compare to other of brand, and also it cannot support FM radio, TF card and USB driver.



ISSC bluetooth chip is provided by wireless technology from Tai Wang China, which can produce good sound quality and feature voice prompt, TF card, FM radio and etc.


The performance of microphone is not good and compatibility in general



Beken bluetooth chip is provided by Beken IC Shanhai China. It’s cheaper cost compare with other solution, this bluetooth chip is perfect fit for users who seek for lowest price enabled bluetooth wireless speaker. And it also support TF card and FM radio functions.


The sound quality performance is not so good as we expected.



BW bluetooth chip is provided by AppoTech China, which has robust of set features, however cheaper cost.


Compatibility in general



OVC bluetooth module is provided by one of China audio technology, cheap price, not bad sound quality and rich functions.


Phone taking performance is too bad, Extensibility in general

Any way every brand has its own advantage and disadvantage and compatibility, actually choose which one is better? But it will depend on your personal requirement, so you can make right decision to spend your money on right one.

Long lasting battery life

Like a Smartphone we always expect it to have good battery life so that longer using time can be without frequent recharge devices, yes many music lovers also expect a bluetooth speaker to have long lasting battery life so everyone can stream music wireless for long time after one time full charged, it is allowed to play enough longer time when you are on travel and enjoy amazing music.

However long batter life depends on its battery capacity! Here we list out battery capacity range and its approximate using time:

1000maH ~2000mAh battery: this level of capacity could last 3~5 hours if you stream music at middle level volume or smaller.

2000mAh ~3000mAh battery: this level of capacity could last 4~ 8 hours if you stream music at middle level volume or smaller

3000mAh ~ 4000mAh battery: this level of capacity could last 5 ~ 12 hours if you stream music at middle level volume or smaller.

Above 4000mAh battery: this level of capacity could last 12 ~ 23 hours, generally speaking, many portable audio manufacturer start to apply high capacity battery in a bluetooth speaker which double work as power bank that can recharge your phone and give you super long lasting battery life, of course this is a great thing for users who seek for powerful playback of time, but this super long lasting capacity enabled bluetooth speaker price is also too higher, it finally depends on your personal requirement.

However please kind noted that a long lasting capacity enabled bluetooth speaker is not only having high capacity battery is built in but also there is something to do with its circuit optimization and power saving energy design.

Anyway, we simple talked about how to buy right bluetooth speaker with worthy money, compare with many review blogs and articles over the internet has listed out deep insight and test or check different named brand bluetooth speakers then write down some results for visitors to read, our article is more basic and straightforward, you should read our article if you focus on cost while quality sound, you can get different views from our article, it will help you to make better choice when you plan to purchase right bluetooth wireless speaker.